Thursday, June 27, 2013

Not dead, just employed.

Hi there Blog! I am not dead, quite the contrary in fact. My hiatus from studio work has ended, and I've been settling in at my new job with the good folks at Gogii Games .

As I'm still adjusting to my new job and new location, I don't have a great deal of energy left over at the end of the day. This doesn't mean updates will cease on my side projects (life, after all, is all about the electives) but they will be slower since my first priority will be my work with Gogii. I'll try to keep a steady trickle of artwork rolling through. For now, here's a painting of William Hartnell:

Gogii's output is primarily 2D, so my encyclopedic knowledge of photoshop is coming in handy; however my clumsy and uncooperative hands are not. To brush up on this, pun absolutely intended, I've decided to do some painting in my spare time, starting with Will here.

Hartnell was the star of the first few seasons of Doctor Who, and will always, in his own way, be my favourite iteration of the Doctor. He was a grouchy, horrible old man who kidnapped some school teachers (in a stolen time machine which he could not properly operate), and threatened to put them off the ship (into the howling vortex of space-time) whenever they got mouthy about it. Truly, on inspiration to us all.

Also: he's fun to draw, because of his abundant jowls and the way that wig makes him look like a dignified old lady.


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