Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sketchbook Junk

Here is some stuff that I drew.

I inked this one by hand, actually, and decided to color it in photoshop. Kinda surreal for me. I don't hate it though. 

I once compared 'motion controls' in games to being on a crashing plane with a sedated orangutan, putting him in the pilot's chair, and shouting instructions at hi from across the room. This needed to be illustrated.

Okay, so there's a long-running joke about zebras with a friend of mine. "If you were a zebra, everything would be fine." How do you become a zebra? Easy; just be a zebra. Then you're already a zebra, and everything is fine. We brought some religious arguments to a grinding halt this way.

I like drawing this big-chin guy, you'll see him pop up a lot.

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