Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A friend of mine once approached me to make a simple, but promising puppet game for the iPhone with him. He asked me to design some puppets for him, so I sent him the some drawings:

When the drawing checked out, I started work on some models. The dummy and the marionette I never completed, as we both became busy with other things and never revisited the project. The sock-dragon and the angry muppet were coming along pretty nicely though.

This guy was sort of the unholy offspring of Grover and Oscar the Grouch. I called him Curmudgeonly Stan.

Some might ask "Is this the most fun you've had working on a character?" The answer is no; this is the most fun ANYONE has had working on a character. I love those floppy felt teeth.

This is one of those projects I'd like to revisit later.


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